Ghostwire: Tokyo is listed for more platforms



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A case that can already be seen arriving is the arrival a few months ago Deathloop! A Xbox y game pass, it has remained a temporary exclusive for Sony for the past year. And now, maybe another title Bethesda Has the same effect, given that it has been detected in a mural Ghostware Tokyo will move to other platforms, especially its Microsoft.

As shown by the user Clobril inside TwitterAn article showing the office Bethesda inside London The website of the workplace design company, which is no longer on site, featured images of large murals featuring games Bethesdaincluded Ghostware Tokyo. And list the game as one of these games Xbox Series X/S.

That means the same goes for games Arcane StudioAnd the first responsibility is the creation of the individual resident evil Finally coming to consoles Xbox To entertain the fans. This will also include the possibility of playing it on the first day of the premiere the game passAn announcement like that can be made at a big conference E3 of 2023.

The game’s reception at the time was very mixed, given that it was a set of ideas that might not be to everyone’s liking, but many agreed that it was a work to remember. For now, fans can enjoy the game on home consoles. play station 5, until that Microsoft Create a statement and come out to make a more specific statement.

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