Glasses with a variable focus: Fillman invests in Deep Optics



What could be the future of glasses? Deep Optics, among others, is working with it – a start-up from Israel, which has developed a variable focus for eyeglass lenses. Along with Fillman, a German company has now participated in a round of financing

It’s been ten years since Google tried to shake up the wearables market with Glass. At the time, the frame with a small display and integrated camera was quite revolutionary, but in the end it did not prevail due to various discussions, including data protection and privacy. But what about “normal” glasses for everyday use, how can they be improved?

Dynamic focus by touch gestures

Around the corner from Israeli start-up Deep Optics is an exciting development, with which the field of view can be enlarged and the quality of vision improved. Based on tiny liquid crystals, which can be rotated at will, the company is realizing a Variable focus. The glasses can then be placed on the wearer via touch controls Near, far or medium range It is currently unclear how long the Focus integrated battery will last.

Quelle: Deep Optics

Compared to conventional verifocals, these glasses are said to offer a clear advantage, which Fillman likely believes, and has now secured 10% of the company’s shares in a Series C financing round. “Our investment in Deep Optics expands our smart glasses product portfolio and expands our technological capabilities. While our 27 million customers benefit from early access to a highly innovative lens technology, this investment lays the foundation for many exciting future applications.”said Mark Fillman, head of the Fillman Group.

Sunglasses will go on sale next year

Liquid crystal technology, loving 32° north Testing is in a beta phase and, according to Yariv Haddad, head of Deep Optics, Next year for customers becomes accessible. Initially there will be sunglasses which weigh 50 grams and Around $499 You can choose between should spend some design Select a co transparent variant (Which we as tech enthusiasts find particularly fascinating).

But not only the classic glasses market can change with this, smart glasses should also benefit from this technology – so let’s see the surprise. How is it? Your opinion about this technology? We await your feedback in the comments below this post. 😊


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