Gmail changes face, but problems remain: Beware of North Korean hackers, they’re reading us


Gmail revamped: Google changes the graphical interface of its e-mail service but the basic structure seems to remain the same. That raises the alarm for the possible presence of a malware originating in North Korea that aims to scan, read and download mail content.

The malware was identified by the Volexity agency and named “Sharpexit” –

According to Cyber ​​Security Agency restlessness By Reston in Virginia, USA, is known as a malwareSharpexit” has been around for over a year and installs extensions in its browsers Chrome you e edge Read the contents of the e-mail Gmail you e AOL.

According to the company’s report, the malware action will make it possible to read the content of the e-mail Periodic scan of boxes made by extension Installed in the browser secretly and will even allow Download content and their sent.

The company also presented an identity of the likely origin of the hackers responsible for creating the malware, which “sharp tongue” which, just like the well-known group Lazarus Who pushed the NFT and blockchain-based game very heavily”Axis Infinity”, it will be sponsored by Govt North Korea.

What are Gmail and AOL users at risk?

Sharpexit Gmail Malware AOL August 5
According to the organization, the hacker group may be sponsored by the North Korean government –

He was the president of Volexity himself. Steven AdairHow the malware works and attacks indicate that “Installed via Sharpexit Spear fishing e Programmatic SocialThrough which the victims are persuaded Open the corrupted document

Therefore, maximum attention must be devoted to everything the papers Open in browser first and then download locally, to reduce the chance of this Compromise. In addition, it appears that even its contrast Multi-factor authentication Not effective against malware.

For its part, Gmail has modernized it Graphic design, although its basic structure seems to remain the same. However, malware appears to be the main target Company Ed Institution South Korea, USA and European. Therefore, most users should not engage in hacker attacks. Better, however, to stick with it has been updated And always take something to warn.

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