God of War Ragnarok launch trailer released



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Weeks go by and fans play station Pretty excited for one reason in particular, the official launch Ragnarok is the god of war for the console PS5 Also in PS4. And to make the wait less boring, sony The official launch trailer has been released showing us specific moments of the game Santa Monica.

Specifically, this is a compilation that we’ve already seen in other previews, involving combat. Kratos y Atreus, and where we are presented with new game mechanics that we will find. For its part, there are short clips of monsters that haven’t been shown before, so fans are going to be happy with the variety of enemies.

Check it out here:

Be a video game PS4 Looks great, and you can definitely appreciate the device 2013 It is giving its full potential to show the landscape, characters, enemies and more details. Of course, maybe they’re just relaying the image to us directly PS5But according to first impressions of the press, there are not many insignificant differences.

Remember that Ragnarok is the god of war The latter is released 9 November for PS4 y PS5.

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Editor’s Comment: Sony has high hopes for this second part of Kratos’ adventure, and not without reason, after the success of the 2018 game, so having more history will not leave fans indifferent.


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