God of War Ragnarok may be suspended, another exclusive fault



The God of War Ragnarok may have been postponed, the date everyone was talking about launching in the market seems to have changed.

Every single day everyone has one PS4 Or a PS5 They ask exactly the same question. When will the god of war be released? When an official announcement is made that will eventually place a number or rather three numbers, next to the high-sounding name chosen by the official release date Santa Monica For your next video game? The last time we saw something really interesting about the title in question was towards the end of 2021. During the last state of the game last year, when some gameplay was shown and finally it started talking about the game in more detail.

God of War Ragnarok may be suspended, another exclusive fault

Then without a rather forgotten post, there is no more news of the God of War Ragnarok. One of the main members of the video game cast is the gods Very interesting update about the progress of the work. But gamers obviously want more, they finally want an official release date that can reassure everyone. Because Fear of not seeing the game in 2022 PlayStation silence continues to increase every week.

Ragnarok, the god of war, has a suspended discussion

Well, in recent weeks many people have stuck to everything September As the launch date of God of War Ragnarok. The previous chapter is currently in the games PlayStation Plus Free from June and assured of launch in 2022, as well as reliable leaks, that date was chosen as the probable date of an official launch. And until a few hours ago, people thought that by September we would finally be surviving on an epic adventure. Kratos e Atreus. But things seem to have changed.

The god of war is Leak Rinview

Something very big. Because all the leakers are now announcing the release date of the title MovedAn unofficial placeholder has been retained until December 31, 2022. One way to confirm this fact is that we will play God of War this year, but not in September. Probably a launch near Christmas. The reason for this transfer will be the arrival of the UKA new exclusive PlayStation, which we told you here.


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