God of War Ragnarok solves an annoying problem from the previous chapter



Ragnarok, the god of war, is slowly showing himself to the public, and there is already something very interesting to compare to previous games.

The god of war is RagnarakIt is a name that focuses on the imagination and dreams of all gamers who have one PS4A PS5 Or a PC. The next chapter of the new story which is as its protagonist Kratos, And it should even announce the end of the Nordic bracket of the Spartan warrior. And who knows, even the end of its completion, at the end of the previous chapter, reveals what can be described as the death of God in the Greek war. The appetite for innovation is really great and many expect a revolutionary chapter. Of course God of War Ragnarok is said to have advanced the previous chapter in every direction. This is by no means an easy task, in fact, what users put on their shoulders Santa MonicaOne of the most beloved and respected PlayStation studios, as well as one of the longest running.

God of War Ragnarok solves an annoying problem from the previous chapter

For now, before a deaf and annoying silence breaks out, very few games were shown late last year, which worries everyone. And many are getting started To be afraid That in fact the god of war Ragnarok can only see the light 2023, Unable to honor the release scheduled for this year. From this perspective, news is expected and every single update becomes very important.

Ragnarok, the god of war, announces great change

Well there is one Big news For those who are waiting for a video game. The next title of Santa Monica, in fact, surpassed the previous one in a very important way and it will surely please many gamers. Let’s talk about one of them Small problem, But which still negatively affects the end user experience. We speak clearly SubtitlesWhich was a lot in the 2018 game Problematic. Small on the first day, they grew up with an update, but their reading was still hard.

The god of war is Ragnarak

Caption sizes for subtitles can now be chosen with color. Minimum text size has been increased with the addition of scaling, including extra-large text sizes to make subtitles and captions more readable, Accessibility notes. A larger text area has also been added to match TV and movie subtitle standards. You can also adjust the speaker name, subtitle body and caption color (seven in total) individually. You can also show or hide the speaker name.


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