God of War Ragnarok trailer casts Ben Stiller as Kratos




We are only weeks away Ragnarok is the god of war Put up for sale, a video game that will be out by the end of the year play station, on either the fourth or fifth console. And to continue the hype, a somewhat unusual trailer has been released, which puts famous actors and even a certain athlete on the same stage.

We see neither more nor less than this Ben Stiller (The main actor of the story A night at the museum), who is apparently dressed as the brand’s iconic character, Kratos. Neither more nor less with it John Travolta, LeBron James and his sons. Well, apparently they’re in some sort of family group therapy.

Here you can check it:

What is this marketing manager? Sonny, Eric LempelAbout the promotion offered in the video game:

The title is a beloved franchise that represents the PlayStation brand and has excited millions of fans over the years. To launch the latest installment, we wanted to take an innovative approach that combines traditional and unconventional routes; I challenged our team to come up with new strategies to bring this title to market.

Remember that Ragnarok is the god of war The latter is released November 9 on PS4 and PS5.

Through: Eurogamer


Publisher’s Note: No doubt, Sony has been promoting the game a lot, as we’ve had practically a teaser or trailer a week since last month. Wow, that would be a great bet to end the year on PlayStation.


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