GoldenEye 007 Online will be exclusive to the Switch


Today is a cause for celebration for fans nintendo 64, Since its arrival Goldeneye 007Developed by Games rare Which marked the before and after in the first-person shooter. And with that it was confirmed that it will have online multiplayer, something that is apparently the version that will arrive on the platform Xbox.

As stated, the platform Nintendo Only one will be able to play this game online, even this was revealed through the official trailer that showed us the title Nintendo 64. In addition, Dr. announced this through a statement Microsoft As revealed, there they announced that it would arrive though game passThere will be no multiplayer for this Xbox Live.

It’s a bit strange, since Microsoft It has always stood out as a company that fosters communities of players through various video games. In addition, they own rareThe original developers of the game, so it is somewhat understandable that there is no possibility to play online.

In gaming related news Nintendo 64. through the new Nintendo Direct A large catalog of video games was released that would arrive on the small console’s online service. If you want to take a look at it to convince yourself to subscribe, here we leave you the link with full notes that you cannot miss.

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