Goodbye TikTok: App closed, users desperate



First WhatsApp, then Instagram and now Tik Tok. But what is happening in the world’s most famous and popular social media? A series of collapses that are bringing to its knees a “tech economy” that is more than daily bread in the current scenario.

But let’s take a closer look at what happened on Chinese social networks in the first days of November. As always, it all started with reports from TikTok users who reported a lot of social glitches. The most important of which was the loss of followers.

Tik Tok - 20221105
Tik Tok –

The common site for reporting this data was, which reported all instances, of accounts WebBoh, That dropped from 649 thousand followers in one day to “only” 617 thousand.

TikTok is down in Instagram

But it wasn’t just about losing followers. In fact, some users reported that they were logged out of their accounts and had to log back in. Except in some cases, it is reconnect In that easy navigation, many users with an open profile find themselves with a “Private Profile”.

This usually happens when the user specifically chooses to have a private profile and does so through the settings, while in the case of a report down it happens without anyone prompting.

Instagram - 20221105
Instagram –

Also because as support in case of a personal account tick tock,Only people you approve can follow you, view your videos, bio, likes” In short, once you lose your followers, it won’t be easy to get them back, especially if the profile is automatically converted to “private”.

Obviously it is hoped that this down will be recovered soon and the situation will return to normal, as obviously always happens with other applications, Meta or not meta But above all it is hoped that everything will happen in the shortest possible time.

In fact, the downs of important applications like WhatsApp, Instagram in recent weeks tick tock, Let’s get this over with at this point, they’ve been pretty frequent. About ten days ago WhatsApp stopped working for more than 1 hour, more or less sending the entire world into a panic, since it is primarily used for work.

The same goes for Instagram which has even deleted the account of many people who were no longer able to recover it and now Tick ​​tock. Could it be time to realize that too much technology can backfire on its users?


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