Goodbye to this function in the car: driving will never be the same again, you can no longer use it



For many users, bad news is coming. According to what has emerged, this function will soon no longer be possible to use in the car. A cold shower that will make you change the way you drive

nowadays, Driving and technology They go hand in hand. Fits all modern vehicles Infotainment system Advanced and it lets you have everything at your fingertips. From maps to apps to music, information, messages and calls – all on one screen

Android Auto 20221102
Driving could change forever with this latest innovation, especially for some users (Adobe Stock)

In this case two reference system software is indisputable Apple Car and Android Auto. Especially for the latter, news is coming that won’t please customers. In fact, a big news is coming, but it will change the way you take advantage of driving services forever. And you have to get used to it It’s all new ways to use it.

Android Auto changes forever, goodbye to this feature

Android Auto 20221102
Older devices will no longer be able to update Android Auto (Adobe Stock).

Development work has been going on for the past few months Android Auto. The smartphone version has now been abandoned and this choice prompted the team of developers to accelerate the service in the infotainment system. Update Version 8.0, A prelude to something bigger As it turns out, in fact, if you use the software made available by Google, the way you drive will soon change forever.

Experts and enthusiasts of the sector are actually anxiously waiting to be able to get their hands on it New design with its code name Coolwalk. The entire interface will change, and Big G promises more intuitiveness and ease of use like never before. Meanwhile, there is another side Which makes people argue.

Last August, Google removed Android Auto support for all smartphones that didn’t have at least one mounted Android 8.0 Oreo. Bad news, in one respect in particular. Many people have reported receiving a warning message that By completely blocking the interface, Unless you update the app to the latest version. This means only one thing: if you have an old smartphone that cannot be “upgraded” to the latest version of Android, You can’t even use Android Auto anymore.


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