Google, an exclusive email discount has arrived for some users: here’s how to receive it –


Google rewards users who publish useful content on Google Maps with an exclusive discount code to spend in the Google Store

And 15% discount code To reward users who decide to spend a small portion of their free time publishing useful content Google MapsPopular street navigation app.

A new discount code in the Google Store (Screenshot Google)

This is the latest Big G initiative, not even that unprecedented as in the past the Mountain View company rewarded its most active users with similar promotional schemes. In this sense, we can confirm that the American company has started doing an email Discount code Exclusive to use Google Store by January 31, 2023.

This promotion will therefore enable lucky users to reduce the purchase price of various gadgets available at the official Big G store Let’s talk about gadgets Discount code is not valid Unfortunately in the case of purchase Smartphone Pixel. Those interested would do well to turn their attention elsewhere, such as to Amazon, which has officially cataloged Big G mobile devices with some notable promotions (including the latest arrivals Pixel 6awhich can be purchased as a bundle with the Pixel Buds A true wireless headphones for a promotional price of 459 euros).

A 15% discount code is sent via email to users who publish useful content on Google Maps and therefore contribute to making the mountain view giant’s road navigation service more efficient.

Google Store 15% Discount Code: How it works and how to apply it to your account

Google Google Store Discount Code
Google Store discount code can be used to buy Google Pixel Buds (Screenshot Google)

To use it, add the code in question during check-out in the appropriate field of the cart dedicated to the coupon, to reduce the list price of the product corresponding to the promotion. Among the devices covered by the initiative are undoubtedly products from the range of headsets Pixel Budsrange products the nest Or even smartwatches Fitbit.

The discount code must match your account. To do this, simply click on “freed now” in the text of the email and then continue shopping on the Google Store using the Google Account associated with the promotion.

In short, a good venture for those looking to buy Pixel Buds ProThe brand new top-of-the-range true wireless headphones (also present in Italy for a few days) are ready to challenge Apple’s AirPods Pro thanks to better hardware and software optimization dedicated to devices with “green robots”.

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