Google announces historic changes for apps: Big changes are coming


In the past few hours, Google has anticipated a historic shift in its apps that aren’t games. Good news for (almost) everyone: that’s what it’s all about

In about two years now, Digital Market Act. However, Google has decided to guess the time, adapting its system – at least partially – to what will happen New EU rules. Starting today, developers can choose the billing system for their apps (except games).

According to what has emerged, Google has decided to implement big news related to its Play Store and available apps (Adobe stock).

The latter sector, on the other hand, still has to wait. A decision has been made Gaming Play represents a large part of the store’s turnover. There are still some details to be confirmed, but it’s clear that the Big G has already started a revolution that could turn out to be Very important in the future.

Here’s what changes with Google’s payment systems for apps

Google 20220721
Here are all the details (Adobe Stock)

From today, all developers in Europe will be able to decide on separation Google and from him Traditional payment system. Whoever makes this decision still has to meet certain requirements Security and User Protection. This is because Big G does not want to take responsibility for any fraud that may occur with the payment methods operated by Mountain View Giant.

The same company then wanted to insist that it would continue All tariffs and terms of service apply Which guarantees support and development for Android, Play Store and various frameworks. Google will not remove or reject non-game application updates from participating developers offering alternative billing systems for EEA users.” explained Big G. We’ll see what changes in more detail over the next few months from now. However, it is clear that something continues to move. The idea of ​​the company is to accelerate time and forecast What has been decided by the European Union with respectWith updated rules that will come into effect in two years.

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