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Important new features that will soon be part of the Google Assistant 7 During this time we focus on physical activity and personal well-being

Available in many services Google For its users, no one can fail to mention Assistant. We are talking about Mountain View Company’s Official Virtual Assistant, which is able to provide endless help using only its own voice and Ask a question

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Following last week’s rumor, it is now possible to ask for personal health information from Google Assistant (Adobe Stock).

Just a few weeks ago, we started talking about possible improvements to the integration between Google Assistant and some health-related features. Medium Nest hubIt will be possible to request and view Fitbit and Google Fit statistics Both smartphones and smart displays.

Here’s how to apply for Google Assistant, Health Data

Google Assistant 20220523
Thanks for all the integration with Google Fit and Fitbit, which will lead to significant milestones in the coming months (Adobe Stock).

In the last few hours, Google Finally, since the beginning of May, the new features that have been talked about have been made official With Google Assistant, you’ll be able to connect automatically A Google Fit and Fitbit. So all the data related to your health is always available with a simple question to ask the voice assistant. If you want to activate the new feature immediately, just go to the Dedicated Settings menu, access the Wellness section and then Tap on Activities. You will be able to pair both services, but only one can be active at a time. The user can choose his choice and temporarily disable the other.

After configuration, Your smartphone is the nest hub You can request instant information from Google Assistant. For example, how many steps have been taken, what is the average heart rate recorded today or how many calories have already been burned in the last few hours. Big G explained himself, all the answers will then appear With special cards With an icon, with the word “from data …”. The voice assistant then says that all information is based on “last synchronization”. These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use to integrate Fitbit with Big G products.


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