Google cancels 7 projects of its famous shuttle, what is happening in Mountain View?


Google created Area 120 as a Pilot Project Shuttle Designed so that teams of workers can create innovative projects that can then be passed on to users. Some ideas are rich and reach users, such as stack document scanners.

However, others did not suffer the same fate. After a short period of development, without even being released to the public, they were scrapped. As of late 2021, this was the case with Muselleter, but by the Mountain View Company Up to 7 projects have been cancelled From area 120 Collected on Android Authority.

What’s happening at Google?

Google cancels 7 projects of its famous shuttle, what is happening in Mountain View?

Google Office workspace

As we know, Alphabet and Google CEO Sundar Pichai is speaking. Make Google more efficient. Last July Leaked internal memo Where Pichai told his employees that the company “needs to act with more urgency, more focus and more hunger than we’ve shown in better days.”

According to sources, Pichai told the attendees during the last Code Conference that he is trying to do Big G. 20% more efficient. And now it seems Google’s CEO is making this idea a reality.

first, The cancellation of 7 projects has been confirmed Half of the 14 plans in Area 120 are currently being worked on. However, project cancellation is not Sundar Pichai’s only effective measure. Speculations have been going on for quite some time about Big G He wanted to reduce his staffAnd that seems to be happening right now.

Google IO is beautiful

Sundar Pichai during Google IO

It is reported that last Tuesday, Google informed its employees that it was going Run a “downsizing”. This will affect area 120. Anyone who was working on the experimental project shuttle and saw their project cancelled, has until January 2023 to find a new job with the company or will be dismissed outright.

According to the head of the project incubator, the Area 120 team’s efforts will now proceed, Develop artificial intelligence-based projects. This clashed with the division’s approach until now, where incubation was encouraged across the company.

It appears that one of the cut projects is to offer web commerce solutions for digital creators. Known as Kaya. This project, unlike the six other cancellations, has already been released to the public

apparently, Google is not alone It is going through a “skill gain” situation. Other Silicon Valley giants like Coinbase, Netflix, and Shopify are laying off hundreds of employees, so we may see more news like this in the future.

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