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New big update is coming in Google Chrome app on iPhone. The developers have come up with a series of very interesting news

Despite Safari Reference browsers remain on Apple devices, especially in recent times Google He knew how to earn his place. Chrome The team of developers is updating from time to time, with some useful news and for those who want to reduce the gap through the reference app on the iPhone for worrying about net surfing.

A new updated version of Google Chrome for iOS brings a lot of useful news (Adobe Stock)

Precisely in this regard, the global rollout Version 103 Chrome Every iPhone ed iPad. As you can read from Changelog, there are many new features that will surely please those who are already using the browser. And, who knows, it might catch the attention of safari-users.

All the news of Google Chrome, 103 version of the app

Google Chrome 20220624
There are several very interesting additional news. The goal is to bring new iOS customers closer to the Mountain View Giant (Adobe Stock) browser.

Thanks 103 version of Google Chrome For iPhone and iPad, you can immediately access some useful news. From Three-point menu Located in the lower right corner, which has now been modified to bring up options Very important. Such as your bookmarks, history, reading list, passwords, downloads, recent tabs and settings.

Reload cards, new cards and new cards for camouflage navigation Instead they will be placed in the center when opening a new panel. Among the many changes, we also find Google Action. An implementation that lets you insert actions such as deleting data or browsing incognito. And then thereLanguage recognition And the addition of security, with its advent Improved secure browsing. To proceed immediately with the update, you just need to access the App Store and start downloading. If it’s not available yet, you just have to wait: the global rollout will be completed in the next few days.

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