Google Chrome is urgently asking to update the browser




Any type of browser needs to be updated frequently, as it greatly improves the performance of the browser and the implementation of plug-in tools. and now, Chrome of Google Just received an urgent update, as some computers may be vulnerable to potential hacking issues.

The team responsible for reviewing the browser has discovered an exploit that leaves a vulnerability for operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux Among others. So they had to do an emergency patch. It is noted that it was hosted on a data verification mojoIt was exposed and hackers could do whatever they wanted.

Companies prefer Mountain viewHe gave proper approval of what he reported Google sequence, confirming that the vulnerability was exploited by some people. For its part, the alphabet He mentions nothing of his influence. Added to that there is no count of affected users, so there can’t be many.

Given this, its own Google Inviting users to run this update, it is likely that it was released last September 2, But it is not automatically activated on all machines. So it’s worth giving a review to know the version of the patch, especially this one 105.0.5195.102 in the browser

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