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Thanks to Google Health Studies, the goal is to evaluate users’ sleep by recording their audio at night. Here are all the details

For a while now, Google Its users have decided to focus on health. Many functions related to the monitoring of vital signs have already been started and many others are just waiting for the light to come on.

Google may soon launch a feature that analyzes the quality of sleep by analyzing the sounds you make while you sleep (screenshot)

Among the many features available, there are apps Google Health Studies (Not yet available in Italy). 9to5Google reports that the latest version 2.0 will have an interesting formula in the line of code. Thanks “Slip audio connection”The software will only be able to capture users ‘sleep at night and evaluate users’ sleep.

Here’s what you need to know about Google’s Slip Audio Connection

Google Slip 20220527
However, we will still have to wait a few weeks before the developers file their final details (screenshot).

At the moment this is a common misconception launched by 9to5Google, but who knows there may not be any interesting news about this in the next few weeks. Looks like its app Google Health Studies Will be enriched by features Audio connection, Designed to assess users’ sleep by capturing and analyzing audio while they sleep. Cough and runny nose algorithms will be used to determine sleep quality.

The equipment in question will be part of a larger health sensing team project. Leverage algorithm And providing enhanced tracking capabilities is Mountain View Giant’s two main goals. If all goes according to plan, then in the coming months the same functionality will come to Android devices. For the moment, in fact, only employees of the company can try to make use of it To evaluate the quality of your sleep.

We’re trying to figure out how to provide a service that can respect privacy and keep data records on the device. Moreover, it will be the job of the developers to explain in which app everything has to be inserted. Google Fit or Orologio.

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