“Google is exploring a foldable phone for 2023”


The first foldable from Google has been rumored for quite some time. Sometimes it was loud, sometimes it was quiet. Most of the time it’s rather quiet, which doesn’t speak well for an earlier market launch. New information from the rumor mill confirms that Google has delayed its first foldable Pixel phone indefinitely.

These are probably the actual patent sketches of the Pixel Notepad:

It was supposed to arrive in early 2021 and then pushed back to 2022. But again there is not much that it will release this year itself. Google may show the foldable at its own October event with some graphics, but we don’t expect a market launch just yet.

Internally, Google is reportedly not satisfied with what has been set up so far. The New York Times Insider Confirm doubt. “Google is exploring a foldable phone for 2023”, according to an article published in the last few days. Google probably wants to wait until next year, even if it’s not set in stone yet.

That would be interesting though. Google has already announced new Pixel tablets for next year. This could be the year of devices that Google has never seen before. In fact, only Samsung currently serves customers interested in this area with a large selection of hardware.

Samsung should again be an important partner for the Pixel Notepad. Samsung has the know-how and the right display hardware. Also, Samsung will probably be involved with Google’s Tensor platform in the future and certainly has put a lot of pressure on various tablet optimizations for Android.

One can only hope that the Pixel Notepad doesn’t become the Pixel Watch. After all, it’s going to be about 5 years. Recently, another device appeared that could be marketed as a new foldable.

Here’s what’s known about the Pixel Notepad so far:

  • Foldable with a large display inside
  • Screen Diagonal: About 5.8 inches outside, 7 – 8 inches inside
  • Price should be below the competition
  • First generation Google Tensor Processor
  • Pixel 6 series camera setup; Pixel 6 front camera; No front camera for internal display
  • Pixel 7 theme
  • Market launch unknown, postponed to 2023

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