Google is really pushing the pixel pass


The so-called Pixel Pass will also come to Europe at some point. Google really wants us to subscribe to the new Pixel phone.

We haven’t got it yet, but in the US, Google is pushing its potential customers to pixel passes. This is a model that lets you subscribe to your Pixel smartphone. So it is paid every month. It comes with some special features for Google services, such as a YouTube Premium subscription, Play Pass in the Play Store and Google One storage.

Pass the pixels to bind them

This seems to be very attractive to Google because it can get you more customers and potentially keep them very strong. However, I can’t imagine any other reason why Pixel Pass is advertised so prominently in the Google Store. Of course, once you get used to YouTube Premium and save your data in Google Cloud, you won’t be able to compete so quickly.

In-house Google Store (In the United States) Compares your personal purchase of a Pixel smartphone with a subscription via Google Pixel Pass. The list of add-ons included for Pixel Pass is certainly long. In addition to Google services, the highlights include upgrading to a new device every two years and prioritizing customer service.

The start of Europe has been announced but not yet announced

Google has already secured trademark rights for Pixel Pass in Europe. So the money comes to us too. Moreover, the launch in Europe has not been officially announced and there is no date. A possible point of time is that Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro could launch in the market next autumn. The offer will be exactly one year after it was originally launched in the United States.

Would you subscribe to a smartphone regardless of a mobile phone deal?

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