Google Keep Update: This new feature will definitely improve productivity


The new Google Keep update unlocks a great feature, especially on Android tablets.

Keep Google It’s not part of the Google app pre-installed on Android smartphones, but it didn’t prevent the app from accessing and grinding good download numbers on devices around the world, thanks to its reliability and a very rich part of the function’s ecosystem, such as Google’s.

Google Keep Update (PixaBay)

On the last occasion Google I / O 2022American companies were mentioned Keep Google Among the list of Google apps that will benefit from significant improvement and renewal options that are especially eye-catching on tablets. And so it was, actually. The New Google Keep update In fact, it unlocks a very interesting function in practical terms, namely probability Drag images into the app.

Explained by 9To5GoogleThis function, which will be available on all Android smartphones and tablets in the next few weeks, mainly targets its owners Tablets Animated by “Green Robot” with the aim of improving capabilities Multitasking Such products. In fact, this option requires two applications to open in split screen mode, one of which must be Keep Google: This will be possible by pressing and holding an image inserted in the next app To pull Such as other applications in the multimedia content window, for example Gmail.

Similarly, you can remove a picture from an application Keep Google: Let’s think of a screenshot saved in Google Drive or an image sent to our e-mail address and we want to keep it in Keep.

Google Keep Update: Download version

Google Keep Update
New drag-and-drop function in Google Keep (screenshot 9To5Google)

As mentioned earlier, New Google Keep update Will arrive for everyone next week and Big G has already marked the landing stages of the new function: you have to wait a maximum of fifteen days to get your hands onDrag and drop options Image from or from Keep.

Anyway, there are already many on the web who claim they got it New to Google Keep. For users of this app, check out the Play Store and make sure you’ve downloaded the latest version available (Version Alternatively, take a ride APK Mirror Proceed with a manual download.

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