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Google Maps brings new traffic widget to Italy, a new map function aimed at improving Android smartphones

I I l New update to Google Maps Finally, the much-anticipated event has been released in Italy as well Widget On Nearby traffic, Already expected in the last few weeks. The addition will not only enrich and customize the main screens of Android smartphones and tablets, but will also aim to make the use of the app on the road more complete and intuitive. At least with the intention of the developers.

New Google Maps Nearby Traffic Widget (AdobeStock)

I I l Traffic widget near Google Maps Allows you to monitor traffic directly from the device’s homepage and therefore does not have to open the application. This is a dynamic widget, because it will be possible to reduce or enlarge the field of interest using the appropriate buttons, and it will automatically update to your own background Geographical location. With a clear cascading effect on the autonomy of the device.

Widget functionality is very simple. This 3 × 2 size box shows a real-time map of your location and lets you see the local traffic situation. To enable Traffic widget near Google Maps First, you need to press and hold on an empty part of the phone screen and select the “Widgets” item to enter the specific section of Android dedicated to these special boxes.

How to activate nearby traffic widgets on Google Maps

Traffic near the Google Maps widget
How to activate the new Google Maps widget (Unsplash)

If the app is already installed on the smartphone Google Maps – and the answer should be yes, considering that Maps is an app that is part of the Google package – you need to see all the widgets associated with your app. Now click on the widget “Traffic jam nearby“And drag it to an empty space on the Android home screen or to the next screen.

The system will ask permission to access the location in the background. Then click on Settings and set the “Always allow” item in the “Location” section after tapping “Allow”.

It is essential to allow this last step Widget on Google Maps To be able to reproduce an overview of traffic conditions in real time, even if the autonomy of the device is clearly worth it.

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