Google Maps: App costs less, just follow these steps



In a historical era where conservation is the watchword, Google Maps is here to help you Use this method on navigation apps to save a lot of money every month

Amidst expensive bills, economic crises, pandemic emergencies and many other problems that characterize our daily lives, Saving has become a basic task for everyone. As always in this field, there is also technology that can come to our rescue. A few days ago we told you about “wallet-saving” apps, designed to help you manage your finances better and pay less. On basic requirements.

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Google Maps with an eye on savings. There is a simple trick that will allow you to collect useful money in your wallet (Adobe Stock).

But that’s not all, because there are many more Only apparently secondary service This is for the very purpose, but which can give you a big hand. And you’ll notice it at the end of the month, when you have to deal with the income and expenses of the last few weeks. We recommend you use this method Google MapsSo save a lot!

Google Maps Will Save You Fuel: Here’s How

Well yes, very Google Maps It will save you a lot of money. How? Choosing routes that are optimal for the way you drive and the time it takes you to get there is going to affect fuel consumption. From point A to point B. There are two methods in this regard, both of which are very useful and above all effective. You’ll notice real improvements right away and your wallet will benefit!

Google Maps 20221011
Choose the shortest route or the most ecological one, the result will be safe and immediate (Adobe Stock)

First of all, Open the app – from iOS or Android – and type a destination address in the search bar At this point, you should have several solutions to get you where you need to be. If you choose Fastest route, you will see that the consumption of gasoline will decrease. Obviously thanks to the way you drive, not speeding.

Another useful solution involves choice green solution. You can directly select in route options to prioritize green route. But they should come out in the classic quest: you’ll notice from them green leaves Next to the duration of the path. Useful both to consume less fuel and to “give back” to the ecosystem. Try one of these two methods and that’s it, nothing easy.


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