Google Maps, the long awaited function has finally arrived in Italy –



New Google Maps update unlocks one of the missing functions in our Road Navigation app area in Italy

We expected it Last week When we talked New to Google Maps Arrival in summer. However, the developers have decided to reduce the time and make available to Italian drivers a function that will radically change the user experience, even if we frame it in a difficult historical context.

Google Map Petrol Price Italy
New Google Maps function unlocks petrol prices at petrol stations in Italy (AdobeStock)

In fact, we can confirm it Google Maps Updating within hours with its launch Fuel price warning Related to the stations closest to our location. The latter was an innovation introduced about 15 months ago by Google for regions other than Italy. At least until yesterday.

In the last few hours, the news said New Google Maps update Will show “clear” i Fuel prices This is practiced by the service stations, thus those drivers who, regardless of the route set distance, have the need and necessity to refuel, but want to logically monitor the price trend of petrol and therefore want to avoid extra by carefully monitoring the price list in a completely subtle and radical way. Management can be avoided. It is clear that this function cannot yet be called full power, as it starts on a smaller scale which will become more extensive. Next week.

How to see fuel prices on Google Maps on Android and iOS

Google Map Petrol Price Italy
Google Maps shows petrol prices in Italy on Android and iOS apps (YouTube screenshot)

But what needs to be done See fuel prices on Google Maps? It is very common. First, we need to touch Service center In our interest and, in the corresponding sheet, we will find a complete series of information including fuel prices available at petrol pumps. Obviously this will be sorted according to cost Type of fuel (Petrol, diesel, methane or LPG) and even in octane of unleaded petrol (SP95, SP98 and SP100).

Another way See fuel prices on Google Maps One has to do Direct search Or set a petrol station filter based on the active location and then monitor the rates charged by the petrol stations closest to your location.

To begin with New features of Google Maps Enough to download the latest version of the app on the street, both are running Android Than iOS. The innovation in question has already been included in the latest updates for smartphones and tablets, although it is not yet active in the web version: a matter of time, in any case.


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