Google Phone: Daily problems with navigation bar will be fixed soon?



Android is designed to be used with today’s gesture controls. At the bottom of the screen is a simple navigation bar, which lives up to its name with its appearance. It’s a bar. The bugs that plagued Pixel users should go away soon

“Had gesture bug (freeze problem) every day for last 7 months.”

You will find some users online who have been complaining about the problem for months. The navigation bar probably hangs at least once a day. Usually for a few seconds, then everything was fine again. I know the problem with the Pixel 6 Pro all too well, though rarely. I rather thought that the open app was responsible.

Reminds me of the bright screen brightness issue when using the Pixel 6 phone’s flashlight. Google was aware of reports about this, but ultimately these errors are very rare in everyday life. However, they can be incredibly annoying.

It took Google months to finally get rid of the flashlight bug. Seems similar to the bug we’re reporting on today

Bugfixes are now probably only two months away

In any case Reported In the last few days users have been impressed that the error no longer occurs with the latest Android 13 QPR1 beta 2. So it seems a bug fix has been found that Google will eventually have to roll out to affected users via an update.

According to the schedule, Google may succeed in December with the first quarterly update (QPR) for Android 13. However, a rollout will also be possible with the November update, which may also include bug fixes.

Does the reported error sound familiar or are you not affected by it?

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