Google Photos has been updated with a new request from users –



New wave of updates from Google, now for the photo service. A novelty highly sought after by users is on its way

If its ecosystem Google Remains among the most popular and used in the world, due to the constant work by many Developers team. Despite the large number of applications available, each of these services is always updated and tailored to the needs of the users.

Google Photos 20220525
Big G (Adobe Stock) has announced on Twitter that big news is coming for joining Google Photos.

In this context, in the last few hours, Big G has announced the arrival of an important news on Twitter Google Photos We are talking about new filters, always in wide demand and appreciated by users. The idea is to improve proper reproduction Skin tone

Google Photos, the new real tone filter is coming

Google Photos 20220525
These are the new True Tone Filters (Adobe Stock)

Announced via the official Twitter page, On Google Photos Newcomers will be coming soon Real tone filter. Available in both Android and iOS, they will allow users to make the most of software that is as realistic as possible. Explained by the Mountain View Giant, professional image makers have worked on this project to find a final result that is pleasing to the eye. Each user can choose one According to your skin toneSo that the style is fully reflected.

This particular problem is being treated with increasing urgency by the company. Just think of the system introduced with the launch Google Pixel 6Or announced at the last minute in the open source Monk Skin Tone Scale Library Google I / O 2022. The last feature is already being launched worldwide. If you still don’t see it in your app, the suggestion is to check if you need to update it through Play Store or App Store. If not, wait a few more days. Users expect they will not encounter No bugs or errorsWhich will force the developers to release a new updated version of the app with all the necessary precautions


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