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Artifacts in old photos in clouds

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Over the past few days, the Google Photos support forum has been accumulating reports of image errors in saved recordings. Mainly old pictures are probably influenced by artifacts. Meanwhile, Google has reported it and promised to fix the problem.

During the last weekend of September, forum entries regarding problems with Google Photos have been pouring in. specific Old photos are backed up to the cloud, i.e. several years old, show digital artifacts in the form of white lines or cracks, as well as blurred areas between victims. Some also report white spots in the recordings, but no pattern can be detected. Some of the photos look like they have artificial water stains It appears to be transcoding artifacts.

Examples of image errors (source: Google Support Forum, Reddit)

This happens on Android devices as well as iOS and web devices. According to the entry, image errors persist even after download. The The original recording is not affected. A day later, Google faced the preliminary report US media Problem and one for sure Promise Fix. According to victims, clearing the app’s cache should have helped in some cases.

We are aware of the issue and are working on a fix The original photo is not affected.



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