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As has happened other times in the past, Google has decided to enter into a new collaboration for its Pixel 6 series It completely changes the design, looks more beautiful

Google recently started the pre-order phase of the new Pixel 6a Also in Italy. The new Big G device comes in three colors: Sage Green, Anthracite Gray and Light Grey. But not only because, for the occasion, a collaboration with an important brand was signed: ninja turtles

While waiting for the Google Pixel 6a, an interesting collaboration is set to lead to immediate benefits from a design perspective (Adobe Stock)

All of this will obviously apply to other models in the line as well Pixel 6, Means Standard and Pro. The limited edition skins will transform the device into a real Ninja Turtle, Complete with a mask which will cover the photographic module and lenses that will act as the “eyes”.

Google Pixel 6 Ninja Turtles Edition, here are all the details of the partnership

Google Pixel Ninja 20220723
Here’s the Ninja Turtles version of the device (screenshot)

This collaboration actually started by a little chance. After launching several months ago, Dr Google’s Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, Dbrand posted an image on Twitter that puts an exclamation point on the camera module. Very special and reminiscent of that Ninja Turtles, especially if the mask is colored with classic shades. In the end it was decided to switch to a real product, with Purchasable skins From everyone.

Everything is available through the company’s official store. at its price $24.95 Plus shipping. For calving, it starts from the beginning of August. Select your Pixel 6 model to find the corresponding TMNT skin now. Will cover that with a bright green A good part of the back body And masks – with all the shades of your choice – for complete customization. We remind you that you can already buy Pixel 6aAmazon offers bombastic discounts 459 euros (instead of 558 as per price list). Now is the right time if you want to take advantage of it. For less than 500 euros, you will have a completely new device with the look of the Ninja Turtles.

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