Google Pixel 6a can be unlocked with which finger?


Google Pixel 6a and other testers have been around for days. A strange error was found, which is not exactly conducive to security.

The Pixel 6a is said to be unlocked with another finger. So with fingerprints that are not stored in the system. As some colleagues were able to find out, other people’s fingers should be possible too. At this point it can be said that the error was in no way reproducible by us.

Google Pixel 6a only with testers so far: software may not be ready yet

Google is known to integrate a different sensor in the Pixel 6a, which is slightly faster than the hardware found in the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. Therefore, pre-production devices that testers currently have may still have buggy software. A first major update for the Pixel 6a could roll out on July 28th or August 1st.

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