Google Pixel 7 is the best in its price range in camera tests



DXOMARK also tested Google’s second new smartphone, the Pixel 7 beating all competitors and other Pixel phones as well. The appearance of the high-end category is intriguing, with DXOMARK classifying it at $400 to $600. Google dominates there first.

First place goes to the new Pixel 7, second place to the Pixel 6 and third place to the cheaper Pixel 6a with year-old camera hardware. In the slightly higher-priced middle class, there’s no way around Google, where the competition looks a lot older.

The Google Pixel 7 is not far from a significantly more expensive smartphone

In the global ranking, 140 points are enough for tenth place. Behind devices like the iPhone 13 Pro and Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, which cost almost double (MSRP). That’s really powerful!

On the positive side, it stands out that the overall quality is very high, dynamics are great, autofocus works properly and skin tones are very realistic.

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