Google Pixel has received Android 13 QPR1 beta 3.1 update with 10 fixes



If you’re using the latest Android 13 beta, you can install an update today. Google releases the upcoming quarterly update (coming in December), which is currently in beta. Android 13 QPR1 Beta 3.1 version update includes a total of 10 fixes.

Also, the new November 2022 security patch is already included. All the details about the update are listed below, which can now be obtained through the beta program – possible from the Pixel 4a onwards.

  • Fixed a platform issue that caused apps to crash when using a MediaSession To handle input from hardware media playback buttons. (Issue #251798994, Issue #252665746, Issue #251381423, Issue #251513135, Issue #255500998)
  • Fixed an issue where a device’s GPU driver would sometimes freeze the system UI during normal device usage
  • Fixed an issue where the Pixel phone would sometimes display an incorrect “missed call” notification instead of “call answered on another device” when the Pixel watch (in untethered mode) answered the call remotely.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes crashed the Google Camera app.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Google Assistant from being activated by hotwords on some devices.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented motion-based gestures, such as “Lift to check phone” or “Flip to city” from working on some devices.
  • Fixed an issue sometimes displaying artifacts when recording or viewing video on some devices
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused the Google Camera app to launch slowly.
  • Fixed an issue for Pixel 6a devices that sometimes crashed carrier settings when inserting a SIM card.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Notification Shade’s “Go to Browser” option from working when using an Instant app.

Note: Google has been offering one for quite some time Beta program for Android Turn on. Additionally, current Pixel cell phone owners can wirelessly and easily download the current test version to their device. Still, one should keep in mind that betas are never bug-free and cannot necessarily be recommended for everyday use.

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