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If there’s one product that’s missing from the Google line-up, it’s definitely the Pixel tablet. A device that has been requested by users for a long time and which, as we can say today, is coming in 2023.

Pixel Tablet 2023 – 71022 comes to

And Pixel fold A Pixel tablet. There are many products that Google should have introduced in October, but in reality the focus was mostly on new ones Pixel 7, Pixel 7 Pro e Pixel watch. A trio of devices arriving in the coming weeks and which, rightly, have caught the attention of users and professionals. But while the time for foldable pixels still seems very immature, On the other hand we start to see some glimmers of light for tablet fans.

To ensure the arrival of a branded tablet pixelsA first in the history of the Big G brand, It was the company itself. The announcement confirmed that the product will sit somewhere between a smartphone and a tablet, taking a bit of both worlds. one of a kind iPad miniwhich will blink Smart functionality To fully interface with demotics developed by Google.

Google revolutionized the tablet world with its Pixel tablet

Google’s choice will be all in one data: 80% tablets They stay forever within the four walls of the house. Hence the idea of ​​equipping their first device in this segment with some features aimed at making the smart home more interactive. mixed with all docs”Charging speaker dock“, will make the new Pixel tablet a de facto must-have device for most smart home users.

But there is more. Dock stations would benefit from one Advanced speakers Compared to the Pixel tablet, with a premium music diffusion to create the right atmosphere for every occasion. Finally, the screen, which will autonomously reveal the position of the tablet on the charging stand, Dock photo display. A mode that will allow you to use the Google tablet as a frame for pre-selected photographs

A fixed method Close the screen, which aims to reinvent the way we use tablets every day, often simple extensions of smartphones and more. The Pixel tablet, along with its dock, should be available eventually 2023Although we still know nothing about the price and target market.

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