Google Pixel Watch, spontaneous l’imagine del possibile design – FOTO –


In the process, Google will present its new Pixel Watch. Intanto, sono spuntate le prime imagini legate al possibile design

Google’s ecosystem is already growing. As Ormai certifies that, without further ado, Big G will present the big public to his newcomer. Pixel Watch. We are looking for an intelligent urologist who will help you get the most out of the carotid system of the operating system. wearOSfor the most part, there is an alternative to the wearable set.

Sputano new information in merit that quotes the new Pixel Watch on Google (screenshot Twitter)

Mentor continuano a spuntare Specifically technical and possibly extra-curricular, nelle scorse ore il portal FrontPageTech ha publikato quella che dovrebbe essere la parte frontale del dispositivo. If you treat the first image in assault to the back, in attachments to the configuration or scent of the part of the azalea.

Google Pixel Watch, all the information emerges

google pixel watch 20220420
This primate information takes the design of the disposable, with an image that respects and renders mesi passati (screenshot)

Il name in codice han Rohan, quello di lancio sarà Pixel Watch. È Every point for the first wearable vero and proprietary Target Google, which has been used to reduce the number of caratteristic messages and dispositions from the operating system. WearOS. Nelle scorse ore, the portal FrontPageTech ha Publish an image on which the potter will have the design of the new disposable. And always trying to be more convincing, thinking that combo with and render trappings without settling down.

Dando una prima occhiata, c’è un’icona che balza subito all’occhio: quella di FitBit. Everybody will come to confess, prepare and integrate totally with the service of physical monitoring of physics. Parlando di lancio, pare che bisognerà attendere Finished to 26 Maggio. Google has added a new version to its proprietary store online, a face-to-face ad with a new dedication to its first smartwatch vero and proprietary. Securely those who are interested in the adventure of lancio emergeranno ulteriori information a tal proposito. Not manipulating the caratteristic base for a wearable as the monitoragie dei parametri sulla salute, and consul sul’atvità physics, the possibility of musical instrument, legislation and messaging via.

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