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Time seems to be back, a few months ago, near the New Year when the Play Store was plagued by malware, with many malicious applications for millions of devices branded by Green Robot and millions of users. It is again.

Play Store Under Attack Again – Adobe Stock

The malware is back, apparently. One of the most dangerous, of course, the most dangerous in the Android ecosystem: Hydra e Joker, Updated periodically to become more sophisticated and avoid the Mountain View Giant’s safety check.

Hydra is a variant of Android Bankboat, A type of malware designed to steal banking credentials: it enables dangerous permissions such as accessibility and whenever the banking app is opened, the malware overwrites the login page of a valid banking application, hijacking the user with a malicious one. The goal is the same, to deceive the user into entering their login credentials so that they go directly to the malware authors.

The two malwares are attacking Google Play again

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Two malware attacks the Play Store – Adobe Stock

The Joker, on the other hand, is malware that hides inside files Android Manifest All that comes with the app, spying on victims and secretly subscribing to their premium services, using WAP fraud techniques based on the WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) standard and using some very popular infected Android apps.

Two malware attacks Google Play again: 18 infected apps have been identified that could endanger the safety of Android users. A survey conducted by has identified this huge number of malicious apps SecneurX, Where it has been established that they mainly use viruses Hydra e Joker To steal information.

The types of data that this type of virus can collect include: cookie theft, contact and SMS details, device lock PIN, bank details, among others. That’s why it’s important to identify applications and uninstall them from your mobile device immediately to avoid endangering your credentials and ending up with a bank account withdrawal.

Ecco le app malevole: Document Manager, Coin Track Loan-Online Loan, Cool Caller Screen, PSD Authentication Protector, RGB Emoji Keyboard, Camera Translator Pro, Fast PDF Scanner, Air Balloon Wallpapers, Color Messenger, WigPage, Thugs SMS, Happy Photo Collage, Original Messenger, Palette Message, Smart Keyboard, Special Photo Editor, 4K Wallpaper.

Some of these applications have already disappeared Google Play, But some are still available in the App Store because they have great ability to bypass security tests in the Play Store. And no matter what, you never know, having them on your smartphone, even if they no longer exist in the Play Store, is never good news.

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