Google reminders may be sunset soon



  • An APK teardown suggests that Google may soon suck up Google reminders
  • Looks like Google Tasks will replace reminders.
  • It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

For those who forget, smartphone reminders can be the difference between keeping a job and losing it. Using a variety of apps, some people have reminders for pretty much everything in the quarterly report, from brushing their teeth to starting a dishwasher.

9to5Google Google Calendar 2022.24.0.x has been torn down – a version that has not yet been widely published. In the app’s code, the team finds the last reference in the reminder.

Obviously, a notification may pop up soon when you open Calendar. It will say “reminders work now.” Then, another warning will explain the change further:

Use Tasks to get notifications about what you need to do and track them wherever you are in Google Workspace.

Theoretically, Google will transfer your existing reminders to the new task protocol. Then, when creating a reminder, you’ll find the ability to leave as soon as the task service takes its place.

At the moment it is all speculative. However, we know for sure that Google Removed Reminder Service from Assistant. It is inevitable that Google will shut down the entire service at some point. When this will happen and how it will show will be revealed in the coming weeks.

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