Google: Services change permanently We are ready to update –


These are very important weeks on the Google front, which has decided to change the Pay service forever Here are all the major innovations planned, including a complete rebranding

An innovation that was actually already announced in recent days, but which is now preparing to become a reality. Let’s get ready for a whole new reality of virtual wallets with Google’s signature! his service Google Pay Preparing to change forever with dozens of news items starting with names.

Epochal News is already in the rollout phase for Google Pay. The Android system has changed its name to Google Wallet, a series of useful innovations that will become part of the service in the coming months (Adobe Stock)

It will be said Google Wallet. A rather curious choice considering that, overnight, even the logo of a pre-installed app changes. According to what has emerged, Big G’s teams have thought of such a move as a notification of change. To warn all users More effectively and directlybasically

Now that Google Pay has become Google Wallet, here’s what we can expect

Right now, its global rollout Google Wallet, with updates that will gradually be made available to everyone. At least for the moment, there is nothing particularly new in terms of features in Italy. The focus was mostly Renewal of UI, In preparation for what is to come in the following months of 2022. If you want to proceed with the update immediately, we recommend you to check the Play Store.

The correct version is 2.150.460235810. If it’s not available yet, wait for the next few days for the download There is also a possibility Download the APK package Via the APKMirror portal, if you fancy yourself a geek and don’t want to wait for the rollout to complete. We will see from here to the next few months what will be the actual news that we will be able to access Google WalletIt aims to become the leading digital wallet in the market.

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