Google, sign up for the app now: this is an opportunity not to be missed



A great new opportunity for all Google fans (and not only). Download and register this application immediately, you have very little time and you can take advantage of numerous new features

its ecosystem Google It is one of the most complete in the world. The Mountain View giant has known how to build for years A real universe Where anyone can find what they need. From classic search engines to maps, drives and YouTube videos. All accessible with a normal account.

Google Home 20221110
Google decided to revamp one of its most successful apps and make it immediately accessible with a preview not to be missed (Unsplash)

Meanwhile, there is a new app that will soon be integrated into the ecosystem. You can take advantage of it now, but there is a limitation. We recommend you register now and proceed with the download, So that you can enjoy news designed by the company’s team of developers.

Google, download this app now and start using it

We are living in the richest time of innovation Google. Following its introduction Smartphone Top D Gamma – ie the Pixel 7 – now the company has come up with some interesting improvements l’app Google Home. The software is designed to manage all the smart devices connected to your Google account and soon it will be possible to enjoy the designed graphic restyling.

Google Home 20221110
Here are all the steps to follow to submit a request to Big G and become part of Google Home testers (Unsplash)

Precisely in this sense, in the last few hours Big G has launched registration In the public preview of the app. We recommend that you sign up now and get approved by Google, so you can try Google Home first. The method is actually very simple. You need to open Google Home first So Android ad iOS and access Settings. At this point, go to the public preview and confirm your choice of invitation request

Once you are confirmed, you will receive a notification directly in the app with the invitation To install new apps in public preview. Being in testing phase, some bugs and errors cannot be ruled out. Considering this is a public preview not to be missed anyway. If you are curious and enthusiastic about Google Home, you would do well to submit your request now and try out all the major innovations designed by the company for your service. You won’t regret it!


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