Google Talks About Stadia Shutdown Rumors


It is a fact that Google Stadia It has not been liked by all the players in the world, it is even found to be one of the least used platforms as its streaming is somewhat complicated. This led to a fairly strong rumor a few days ago, indicating the end of the business, and given that, the company that owns it has already come out with a statement.

Through social networks, official accounts Stadia It has made it clear that there will be no shutdown for the platform, they are even working on bringing more big games to it, one of them has already been confirmed, FIFA23. So despite all the problems, like studios ceasing to work with the company, the project is still moving forward.

Here is his original tweet:

Can’t turn off Stadia. Rest assured, we’re always working to bring more great games to the platform and Stadia Pro. Let us know if you have any other questions.

Another reason is that there is no rationale behind the alleged closure Google Stadia New horizons, since in past conferences it was confirmed that the platform will come to the end 2022 A Mexico. This is added to the fact that more games are being announced, many from such big companies Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Rockstar Games And some more.

For now, its users Stadia They can be sure that the project will not disappear.

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