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A new update rendering Google Translate and Gboard anchor is more integrated, thanks to a functionality and lungs request

Secondly how many references were made on 9to5Google, in addition to arriving at a new super aggregator that will not be forgotten. Google Translate quanto Gboard. Gli sviluppatori si sono infatti soffermati su un piccolo problema che si present present utilizzando la tastiera alternativa di Big G.

google traduttore 20220403
A new version of Google Translate arrives, which is another and much more interesting with the integration with the Gboard board (Adobe Stock).

Ogni volta che bisogna digitare Traduci, the passage from the preliminary test to the language of the language that results in a lot of fun and spontaneity. Stands as much as it can, a brew that always has a feature for those who give it all away. Automatic and more functional.

Google Translate and Gboard, in the latest agglomeration

google traduttore 20220403
Here are all the latest agglomerations and other ad-hoc interactions with the Italian keyboard and a few stereos (Adobe Stock)

With a new update that will arrive soon Google Translatec’è la possibilità per Gboard on Android automatically changes the language, when you insert a test. Se per esempio hai la tastiera in italiano e, avviando il Traduttore, selezioni l’arbo come “Traduci da”, Gboard passerà in automatico alla tastiera araba. And the interesting thing is that the modification has no effect on the quality of the language and then a different language. Una volta essere usciti dalla schermata di traduzione, poi, Gboard Takes the predefined language to the end.

Già in passato era possibile fare così, ma bisognava ogni volta fare tap sull’icona del globo a sinistra della barra spaziatrice per selezionarla. Come to Google 9to5, the functionality of the latest version 6.33 on Google Translate is compatible with the latest version of Gboard. Il rollout a livello globale Dovrebbe arrivale nelle prossime settimane, even if it doesn’t have any definitive information in merit. If you are looking for a new version of Translate, please update your version to Translate APKMirror.

This mini-update goes a long way toward a higher amp set aggiornamenti Translate Google’s Migrate Translate, into particles with Rinnovamento di Material You This app distributes non-pixel users.


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