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Google Wallet is one of the main innovations of Google I / O 2022.

Il Google I / O 2022 In each case, they have seized it, despite obstacles we can scarcely imagine. ” Abbiamo parlato della New vision multi-disciplinary on Android e del rinnovato Impegno hardware on Googlethe latest quests that are confusing in the two new products that the American agenda presents are not new to me or my prospect, Pixel Watch e soprattutto Pixel Tablet.

The new Google Wallet (Google Screenshot)

The renovation of the Big G toka also included an ultra-pilastro of the ecosystem of Giant in Mountain View, an important milestone that will eventually coincide with Italy: Google Wallet. The strategy is all so identical to the one with the most time Google Photos, thank you for giving us a standalone app, with the success that we all know. For the most attentive, infatti, Google Wallet – which in Italy is not even the finest spatio – get assorted in Google Pay nel 2018 to create a unique platform, with all the caratistihi già viste.

Google Wallet and the integration with the Google app and the latest services

A quattro anni di distanza, l’azienda statunitense decide at rimescolare nuovamente le carte, scorporando Google Wallet Google’s Pay Per Click Failure to Analyze Apple’s Strategy. And as for the piattaforma of “mela”, Wallet provided a global digital content service, maintaining its name. The new application – which is the first of its kind in Italy – will have to provide a ventilation service: not solvent. pagamenti (credit card), but more Tessere fedeltà, biglietti per i mezzi pubblici e persino Hotel and Restaurant Preparations.

An integration that will make all Apple and other pilasters in Google’s ecosystem work Maps: Thank you, the app is sweet and delicious and conforms to the acquisition service. In the future, Google Wallet ospiterà anche i badge per gli ufficiand this app implies a support costing part of the app and the third part of the service, which in turn grades the virtual amp portion of the virtual Big G nell’tica in a convergence of data and information from a single ombrello.

Infinite, the more ambitious sfida: Integrate patent guidelines and documentation. Even this newcomer from the newcomer to the Apple world, and for this reason Google Wallet If you want to get rid of Alter-ego on Android – consider even your exclusive legacy proprietor “robotino verde” – on Apple Wallet. And just like on iOS, Wallet is very affordable app for Android and Wear OSCos da sfruttarla anche tramite smartwatch.

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