Google Warning: You are in danger, urgent update required



New alarms on the Google front. This urgent update should be done as soon as possible, as the consequences can be very serious Here’s what you need to do to install the software

From an online security perspective, we are in one of the most critical times in recent history. New alarm related practically every day Phishing attempts, malware attacks, hacker moves And so on and so forth. Even just clicking on the wrong link or downloading a corrupt file can have serious consequences.

Google Chrome 20221030
Google has prepared a new security update for its specific program. It came out with an emergency, it must be installed immediately (unflash).

And that is why we should defend ourselves with every weapon available to us. A job that everyone knows they have to do too Technology institutes and companies, Always working to ensure that their software is accessible and boasts the most advanced security measures. On the Google front, a New alarm. You need to download one Urgent update To avoid damage.

Google Chrome, yet another security update: Here’s what you need to know

Google Chrome 20221030
Here’s what you need to know about it, the risks you run due to errors, and how to proceed with immediate installation (unsplash).

A serious problem that requires immediate resolution. Google recently published Seventh Security Update per Chrome Since the beginning of the year, a mandatory update considering the latest threats. According to what emerged, indeed, there will be a vulnerability identified by the detector CVE-2022-3723. The latter can be traced by a team of Avast researchers to a phenomenon called type confusion occurring in the open source V8 engine. Follows its management JavaScript and WebAssembly.

The risk to users can be very great. Especially, if a hacker decides to take one’s life False HTML page which contains JavaScript code that can exploit system flaws to gain greater advantage. And that’s why Big G has released the seventh emergency pack since the beginning of the year, with an important update that will be essential to ensure that no attacker can. Exploit code errors Users get discounts on computers and smartphones.

If you want to proceed with the update manually, just go to the address bar and type “chrome://settings/help”. after Restart the browserThe update will be installed and ready for optimal use.


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