Google: You still have time to ask for a refund, you can refill your account with just a few clicks



A habit that the gaming world has taken to the nth degree, making it a fashion and a catchphrase. With some inconsistent notes, since many players have turned refunds into something very risky. In fact, in the world of video games, especially on mobile, it is customary to make many upgrades, becoming very powerful in any conceivable game, immediately asking for a refund.

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Google Play –

Beware, however, iI risk restriction It’s really high, because game developers aren’t stupid. Far from it. Just a check, and tac: prohibited insured. For everything else, however, there is a refund, let’s say without the unexpected intention. Maybe an unused card, a purchase you weren’t satisfied with, or even a fan of Google Stadia (which Google will shut down permanently on January 18, 2023) has the potential to return.

Rule number one is to be quick

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Play Store –

You bought an app or game from here Google Play Paying or using your Google Play Credit? If you feel that the app or game is no longer useful, you can get a full refund. According to Google Play’s policy, a user can get a refund for app or game purchases through Google Play within 48 hours of purchase. If you have exceeded the 48 hour limit, there is a way to get a refund. Not just games, but movies, programs and even ebooks.

If a friend or family member accidentally made a purchase using your account, you can request a refund on the Google Play website. Additionally, if you discover a purchase on your saved card or other payment method on Google Play that you didn’t make and that someone you know didn’t make, you can also report an unauthorized charge within 120 days of the transaction. Here’s how to request and receive a refund from the Google Play Store.

Directly from your PC, you need to go to the Google Play Store with your account. Then select “Order history”, find the app/game/movie or whatever you want to return and get a refund by selecting “Report a problem” and choosing the option that describes your situation. You will receive a message saying “Thank you for submitting your refund request”. A well done operation support e-mail.

usually, Google Will refund within 15 minutes, but may take up to 4 business days. Everything else has Google Play support, where you can check the status of your refund. If you have multiple refund requests, repeat these steps for each item you purchased.


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