Google’s Earth Day gift is the grim realization of how polluted your city is


Google has developed a new feature that allows you to view the air quality of major cities within the US. This is likely tied to other sustainability and environmental education efforts from the company for Earth Day on April 22.

As reported by MSPoweruserthis feature was initially released in India but has since also been rolled out in Victoria, Australia, and various cities across the US, using data from and PurpleAir.

“We’re always working on new ways to connect people with helpful information when they come to Google,” said a Google spokesperson. “We continue to explore ways to make authoritative information on a range of sustainability and environmental topics readily accessible and look forward to sharing more in this space soon.”

The new search feature can display the air quality of many major cities in the US. (Image credit: Google)

To use this feature you can simply type “Air quality in Washington DC” (or the name of the city you’re searching for) into the search engine on your mobile, laptop, or computer, and you’ll be presented with a map. of the local area, alongside a US Air Quality Index (AQI) which measures air quality from a scale of 0 to 500.

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