Google’s intelligent earthquake detection works on Android phones!



When are smartphones really smart? When they help us in daily life without asking them. Google has developed a fairly sophisticated system for early detection of earthquakes through Android smartphones. it works

An earthquake struck the San Francisco Bay Area. This directly affected some high-ranking Google employees. Including the boss himself, Sundar Pichai. With this feature, users are notified by their phone, which itself contributes to detection.

Android phones detect natural phenomena

For some time, sensors present in Android phones have been used in the background to be able to detect earthquakes at an early stage. Collects huge amounts of data for Google and evaluates it very quickly. You will be informed by Shakti 4.5.

Which, according to Android vice president Dave Burke, has worked very well in recent instances. Android phones can recognize impending earthquakes and notify users in advance that earthquake notifications have arrived.

Google software is very helpful in some places when it comes to nature and other disasters

This is not the only feature of this kind that we can find in our Android phones. There are also natural disaster alerts, Pixel phones can detect car accidents (not ours yet), and Google Maps can spot forest fires and similar events.

However: Google has now removed the Covid layer from the map. The temporarily integrated layer was rarely opened by users and was therefore no longer useful. That was for a long time.

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