Google’s surprise decision: it shuts down one of its most used apps –


The announcement came a few hours ago from the company: it will soon be shutting down one of the most used apps in the Google ecosystem. Here’s what you need to know

List of apps and services that are offered by Google Its users are constantly updated. The goal of Mountain View Giant is to ensure maximum quality and reliability in all aspects. Thanks for both the software already available and those coming next month.

One of Google’s most used apps is preparing to shut down forever, with Adobe Stock already started.

In this regard, in the last few hours Big G has made an unexpected announcement: it will be closed soon Google Hangouts, In favor of Google Chat. From today, the same company will send messages to those who use the app to remind them to switch to chat by October. The final shutdown of the messaging service is scheduled for next autumn

Towards the end of Google Hangouts, here’s what’s happening

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We’re talking about Hangouts, which will replace chat (Adobe Stock)

We have a lot of ambition for the future of chat, more news will be available in a few months“Explained GoogleExpected off of its precision Hangout. Quite an amazing choice for the time being, it wasn’t talked about until a few weeks ago. However, this is not the first Big G service to be discontinued without notice. Just think of social networks PlusAt the end of the well-known portal Killed by Google. The latter aims to keep track of the various projects completed year after year (there are hundreds to date).

As directed by Big G, however, will be available in the web version of Hangouts By the end of 2022. One month before the redirect to the chat, users will see a warning message pop up on their screen. Thanks for switching off, it will be easier to connect and collaborate with other people You can also access Space, For reason-based partnerships. All that’s left is to wait and see if everything goes according to plan or changes direction.

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