Gotham Knights developers are reportedly working on a new game


It launched a few weeks ago Gotham KnightsDeveloped by Games Warner Bros. Game Montreal, which received mixed ratings because it itself didn’t understand how its gameplay worked. And now that this title is already on sale, the developers themselves have given some hints that they are working on one more game.

According to what is available on the company’s official website, there are new jobs in the field of programming, some in industry and some related to business management. Noting that another big game is in the works from the studio, yes, no details were given by the creative agency.

It is notable that this could not be any kind of sequel to his current video game, as the reception was more bad than good, both from the press and fans. And the publication specifies that it’s from a full game, so it won’t be a DLC for the title where the knights gothic They are the main characters.

Note that titles are available PS5, Xbox Series X/S y PC.

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Editor’s note: It’s a rather vague indication of what could be a video game ad, but at least we’re sure we’ll be getting another job from him sooner or later. It may be a few years until we see the first previews, after all they need to rest and support the Hogwarts Legacy team at the same time.

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