Guillermo del Toro premiered Pinocchio when something difficult happened in his life



For the past few days, Guillermo del Toro has been promoting his latest film adaptation, nothing more or less than the version of the classic Pinocchio, but now with a more distinctive touch. And it is that they are betting on a stop motion animation, something that Guadalajara’s creative cinema has always wanted to do since its beginnings. And it was all joy and cheer during the London Film Festival broadcast, coupled with a Twitter post he made a few days ago seeking wishes from fans. Well, his mother, Guadalupe del Toro, has been in a delicate health situation and apparently at the moment she is already resting in peace. What the filmmaker had to say about it: I just want to say that my mother just passed away, and it was very important to her and to me. This isn’t the first time you’ll see the film, it’s the first time he’s seen the tape with us. For his part, he also revealed how emotional it was to make this adaptation, as it meant a lot to his mother to make her own version, with memories of when they enjoyed the Disney film from the ’40s years ago. in November and hits theaters on Netflix on December 9. Via: Remix
Editor’s Note: Undoubtedly powerful news, at least the filmmaker has remained positive and paid tribute to his mother with this film that will surely have a legacy of such beautiful art. Guillermo del Toro had something difficult going through him post the premiere of Pinocchio. Life appeared first on Atomics.


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