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Pumpkins are carved and spooky costumes are made. The very beautiful season is upon us again! There is a match Niantic Details for Pokémon GO and Pikmin Bloom’s annual Halloween event were announced today.

pokemon go

The Halloween event in Pokemon GO consists of two parts. Phase I will be held on Thursday, October 20, 2022 from 10 am to Thursday, October 27, 2022 at 10 am. More information about Part II will be announced soon.

Trainers can already look forward to a lot of new content in the first part. For example, Mega Bannet (in Mega Raids) and the shiny variants of Pokémon Galer Makabaza and EF-EM make their debut in Pokémon GO. Also, Giratina caught during the event will learn the charge-up move Specter Power. Of course, PokéStops and Gyms are appropriately equipped and themed field research is available.

For more information and a list of all the content for the Halloween event in Pokemon GO, visit the official blog: https://pokemongolive.com/de/post/halloween-2022-event-details-part-1/

Pikmin Bloom

Pikmin Bloom’s Halloween event is also in two parts. The first part of the event will be available on October 14, 2022 midnight. The second part will follow from October 24th before the event ends on October 31st.

In the first part of the event, the works mainly revolved around planting flowers. Gold seeds can be earned by completing special tasks available until October 31st. Special Jack-O-Lantern Decorations will also appear in Pikmin Bloom during the Pikmin Event! In addition, all postcards collected during this event feature a special Halloween design with three different variants, and players can discover four new spooky costumes for their Mii in the shop.

For more information and a full overview of the Pikmin Bloom event, visit the official blog: https://pikminbloom.com/de/news/october22-halloween/

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