Halo 2 will get an E3 map that has never been seen before


In both movies and video games, some scenes or areas that are common are omitted in trailers or playable demos that act as beta. This happened at that time Hello 2In the cause E3 Of 2003 An area was unveiled that never appeared in the final game or its associated replay.

Special levels were named “Earth City” And to this day many fans continue to ask if he will one day reach the headlines, a question he recently answered himself. 343 Art. It has been mentioned by the official blog of the series that the scenario will be realistic, which is why all the fans are overwhelmed.

The overall scenarioEarth City ” Its second and third levels replicate the time Hello 2 . And some gameplay elements seen in the demo, such as the ability to run two weapons at once, were included in the full title. There was a cinematic here that was not finally released, which according to fans is a biological change.

There is no release date yet, however 343 Art There are plans to make the scene playable in this version PC This includes the individual versions and what comes next Master main collection. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. For consoles, it is possible that this will be done, but they have not confirmed anything.

Remember the series Hello You can try it out completely Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S y PC.

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