Halo Infinite adds news that fans appreciate




Something that is quite evident is the anger from the fans who wait for the update Hello Asim, Not long ago, the campaign teased the possibility of native split-screen play. And while things haven’t improved dramatically, at least the dev team is adding features that are graciously received by users.

The winter patch for the shooter video game was released recently, which finally adds the elements that people have been asking for since the base game was released a year ago. Here’s the much awaited way beta is included dutyA tool that is already available with six customizable maps, where files can also be shared

For its part, the patch supports the progression system with its beta Match the XP, which rewards you for completing matches with extra experience. It can be accessed with the free Battle Pass. Cosmetic items are included here. Added rotation of two new multiplayer arena maps, Argyll y isolationBoth are built-in duty.


It’s worth commenting on 343 Art He apologized to the loyal users of the game, as they needed a lot of patience for the massive amount of improvements. It should be noted that the instructions in the study have changed, since the former head of the company left his post months ago for reasons that are still unclear.

Remember that hello infinite Available at Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S y PC.

Through: Hello Waypoint


Editor’s Comment: It’s nice to know that some users who enjoy the game haven’t been abandoned. It may be that war passes and with other content, back to the glory days of the franchise.


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