Happy about Pixel cell phone: “Live translator makes my life easier as an immigrant”



And there will be one more story that shows the advantages of the Pixel phone using a very simple example. The highlights of Pixel phones, which aren’t often talked about much, are undoubtedly Live Subtitles and Live Translator.

With these tools, Google makes it extremely easy for us to get foreign language translations on our smartphones anytime. One user tells his story on reddit as an immigrant in Berlin who barely speaks German His Pixel phone makes everyday life easier for him.

Google Pixel phones offer real troubleshooters

For example, he is happy about Live Subtitles, which translates a telephone call into his own language in real time. He prefers the text-to-language translation built directly into Gboard for fast English to German translation.

“purple_berliner” meansFunctions that work perfectly in everyday life and are very helpful. But you need to activate some of them to offer any time of daily life. To do this, open the system settings and look for “Automatic transcription” and “Automatic subtitles”.

Google has a lot more to offer

You can activate “Live Translation” from the Pixel 6, which translates text in the Messenger app directly into your preferred language, for example. The Pixel series has stood for precisely such functions over the years, but especially since the introduction of Google Tensor starting with the Pixel 6 series.

I’m a fan of the voice input assistant and assistant functions for calls and telephony. It’s all very helpful and integrates itself very well and rather subtly into everyday smartphone life over time. Which is why I rarely switch to another device.

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